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Traveltips4: London Olympics 2012

Rafhan Zahoor 2:46 AM | , , , , , , ,

The big event held from 27 July to 12 August 2012, I think it is a best time visit to London. If you like to spend worthwhile summer holidays, have to visit during this event.

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ahmed MOLY said...

i'm so interesting to see this Olympics
thx for the post ...

Hotels in niagara falls said...

Yes i do agree with you, best time to visit London is during Olympic season, this kind of big events make your trip valuable.

Anonymous said...

London during the Olympics will be very hectic but that's all part of the experience! It is something not to be missed. Planning ahead will be vital. I'm going to stay in a london apartment. They are dotted all over London and are a great alternative to hotels (which will probably be full to the brim).

Obat Keputihan said...

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